Take your peacock and shove it

27 Feb

My credit card number was stolen yesterday. I think it was at a gas pump. They can do that now apparently, put some device on the card reader or something. Seems like that kind of know-how you could go get a job doing something lucrative and NOT FUCKING ILLEGAL.

I was out when I got the text – “Withdrawal Alert: Your debit card has been charged $140.98 on some bullshit website that sells ugly formal dresses”. At first I was pissed. How dare they steal my hard earned dollars from me. Then I was more pissed because of how much I love shopping. Clothes were bought with MY money and they weren’t for me?! Sons of bitches.

I called my bank immediately. This was my debit card so I didn’t want the assholes getting all of my money and spending it on shit they didn’t need before I could spend it on shit I didn’t need. The woman was very nice and apologetic and I asked her, “Will you notify the merchant right away?”

“Well,” she said, “Our first concern is getting you your money back and then we’ll hand it over to the merchant and it will be their responsibility.”

“I only ask because I don’t want these people getting that dress.” She laughed. It wasn’t a joke.

I can’t help but wonder what the dress looks like. I’m assuming it’s tacky because no person with any taste or style would dream of stealing from an innocent stranger, right? In my head it’s sea foam green taffeta with ruffles, bows, and poofy shoulders. It’s probably has a sequined peacock down the side. Fuck you and your peacock, thief. I HOPE YOUR PARTY SUCKS!

One Response to “Take your peacock and shove it”

  1. Meredith February 27, 2014 at 11:01 am #

    At least the f***ers who stole my card tried to book tickets on Qatar Air and hotel rooms at the other end. I wanted my card company to let the charge go through long enough for them to show up at the airport so I could have the police waiting for them, but they said no :-( I guess those tickets would’ve been sold or given to some poor sap who had no idea what is going on.

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